photo: Parallel Vienna
A piece

10 x 19 x 11 cm
chocolate bars, steal, glue

“A piece” researches a transformation of a material and its further possible interpretation. In a very essential form, the idea of a concept focuses on a semiotical exploration of a materiality
What do you refer to, when you replace a solid hard material (wall tile) with an other, similarly looking form? What if the other, new material is framed on a timeline? Has a limited duration? What does it do with a language of the artwork, when timelessness is replaced by a food?

*as this artwork is time limited, the work is after always replaced with a new one

︎group show “Small scale”, 31.03. - 15.04.2017, Kunstraum Super, Schönrunner Straße 10, 1050 Vienna, AT
︎group show “116 wrapped in itself”, curated by Heti Prack, 17. - 23.01.2017, Raum 116, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Vienna, AT
︎group show “Group show”, curated by Stefan Bidner and Antje Prisker, Parallel Vienna, 19. - 24.09.2017, Schnirchgasse 9A, Vienna, AT

this photo: Kunstraum SUPER
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