“Atomic landscape of an ultimate serenity”

dystopian performative installation
food, aluminium, wood, PVC

Cocao-dark house is a human size installation built up from the bars of a milk chocolate. Chocolate bars refers to a hard wall surface coverage, bathroom tiles, that as an object of use presents its core idea of practicality and decorativness. This artwork demonstrates and visualises experiment on and with chocolate bars, as so to be soft hard surface coverage. The chocolate house concept questions interpretation of a materiality of the material, explores the risk and possibilities, re-interpretates the core substances and asks for individual approach of thinking. 
Chocolate installation deconstructs the hard building and decorative materials. It pushes the project to the edge by building up a house by an unsolid and unstable material. Showing a certain amount of fragilness, the cocoa chocolate house handles a problem of an organic trasformation of the structure in the process.
The artwork boldly challenges “future” conflict, that always comes around with the divergent artist practise, cored in connotation “to produce” and “to create”.

︎solo show at Parallel Vienna 2017, 19. - 24.09.2017, Schnirchgasse 9A, Vienna, AT

photo: Ivan Kalev
thank you Hauswirth, thank you Den Braven
All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer