Fortune teller

participatory object
digita print on a paper, 100 copies
10 x 8,5 x 7,5 cm

in a curatorial collaboration with Ilona Braun

It is a playful paper game examining social skills and is aimed at people struggling to find orientation in the art world. The game is composed from a female art practise perspective and acknowledges the entangled challenges assosiated with gender and art which have been visible through art history. Based on a principle of chance an unknown conclusion will always develop. This artwork takes lightly ironic standpoint and highlights some of the irrationality in and around art society in relation to status, influence and power.

︎group show, “How high can you bounce?”, curated by Ilona Braun, Produzentengalerie Wien, Radetzkystraße 4, Vienna, AT

last 3 photos: Jelena Micić

All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer