performative space installation
160 chocolate bars (1 bar = 6,7 x 14,5 cm), 69 376 kcal

Installation expands gallery’s space in a circuitry line. Chocolate bars occupying a facing system in the gallery, the artwork approaches a process of in-habitation and nest-making. Used semiotical language within chocolate floor tiles grasps an ephemeral notion of the work, pointing out invisible structures, unmaterial and spiritual values. Appeals to the setting of uniqueness, “feeling special”, as an important experience for a grow of an individuality.

︎group show “Gradual Home”, Aa collections, Burggasse 68 4-a, 1070 Vienna, AT

photo: Ivan Kalev 
thank you Hauswirth, thank you Den Braven
All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer