La Fontana

performative and participatory sculptur
pink chocolate, ceramics, stainless steal, wood
150 x 200 x 150 cm

A performative installation, which takes the form of a rhombus shaped jacuzzi and represents a feminist pop(-up) architecture movement. A decadent postmodern aesthetic strengthened through an edible pink chocolate spring emerging out of the middle of the object. This personalized and ultimate urban monument celebrates the pleasure of the body and it stands as a symbol for personal freedom.
[chocolate fountain | vaginal pool | vaginal orgasm] 

︎group show “With eyes aghast: Transmannerist reactions”, xhibit, 20.10.2015 - 10.1.2016, 1010 Vienna, AT
︎in a courtesy of MUSA Kunstsammlung, MUSA, Vienna, AT

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3D: Marek Luley

All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer