Pet-shop (Pink poodles)

paintings and collages
acrylic, aquarel, paper, aluminium foil, spray, PVC

A flirt with a kitsch and camp. In a rebel painting project as a first aesthetic approach and simultaneously realization under wings of an art institution at the Academy of fine arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. Looking for an identity andauthentic self...this work comes out from a pure inspiration to gain “unpopular reputation”for the artist self, however the artist wasn’t that time prepared for a shower of criticism and hate.
Concept of an emotional waz out from the conformism and dictatorship. This work is supposed to serve of any true (high!) artistic merit, this work seeks for disrespect and originality.

︎group show “Zimný prieskum”, 2008, Academy of fine arts and design Bratislava, Bratislava, SR

           “I am just a different kind of animal.” (Erika Jayne)

All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer