Über (Arc of Liberty)

space installation 
PVC, PMMA, wood, spray, sound in a loop (”breath in, breath out)
200 x 450 x 650 cm

“Über” is an arcaic floating, oversized, plastic smelling and meditating installation built up by pushing physical laws into extrems. This an experimental project explores a role of a painting in a contemporary art. It accepts a viewer’s perception as an equal part in this concept. It simulates a flow of a transmitted energy present between a viewer and the painting. It refers to a metaphysical subconcious process, catharsis.

Refering to the art history whereas is a painting’s contemporainity is overwhelmed by a huge impact of a new media, therefor this gesture claims its ongoing leading role in the contemporary art. The colours and an image form are vacant and replaced by floating airmatrrasse rainbow, that suggests an existing transparent space, which is active between a relationship of the painting and its viewer. Painting frames in the canvas its own micro reality, that is being futher subjectivitized in a “mirror” effect and being transformed into an intimate zone created between viewer and the artwork. 

︎group show “Rundgang”, 24. - 27.01.2014, Akademie der bildenden Küste Wien, Vienna, AT


Exhibition views:

Poster Layout: Terézia Grešková, Ev Hettmer
Drinks: Marcel Nagy

All copyrights 2019 Èv Hettmer